Posted Sunday 26th January 2020



Oh my goodness me!

There's something about a new year to oom-ph you in to GO mode ...

Is there anything in YOUR wonderful life that you've thought for a long time about doing!?

Perhaps you are doing it now ... YAY!  All the happy claps.

Perhaps you are still thinking about 'it' ...

Well, for a LONG time, I've thought about getting my little website going again.

I have ALL the ideas ...

A space for pictures, for stories, for projects, for dresses, for meeting people, for creativity, for helping to create a better world ...

Oh the pressure!

But hey, it's 2020.  

The plan may not be quite yet 'perfect' but ... let's DO this.

Website. A. Go.

So welcome!

My hope is that this is an inspiring space for anyone who cares (or dares!) to stop by.

I hope to share my photos - and that you like them!  I love to take pictures ... but do wish I was better at it!

I hope to share my creations.  I so enjoy my sewing and have been asked by so many people to put them on line ... so here they are =)

I hope to share my ideas - and hear yours - and that we can talk about them!  Don't you think life is too short for small talk?  I quite like the idea of a BIG talk space.

I hope to introduce wonderful people to wonderful people - I do hope we can all meet each other soon.

And above all ...

I hope that this space can be a small catalyst for creating an - even - better world.

I SO DEEPLY believe that this is a #bigbeautifullife and love the idea of exploring and experience LIFE more deeply.


Beginning new adventures can be scary!  I'm scared =)

But isn't it better to have a go than be found holding a big 'what if' sign ... ?

I can't wait to talk more beautiful lady but until then, may you be beginning this new year FILLED with passion and purpose.

What are you going to CREATE this year!?  Who are you going to LOVE this year?  Where are you going to ADVENTURE?

I want you to know that I believe in YOU beautiful.  I know that if you have VISION & PURPOSE & A LOVING HEART ... that 2020 will be filled with special moments to remember.

All my best to you in creating A BIG BEAUTIFUL YEAR.

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My aesthetic is feminine, colourful, textural & print heavy … with a focus on sustainable creations.  

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, I style by appointment for personal wardrobe, home spaces and events.

I'd love to connect.  Call me on 0404033850 or email to book in.

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With love, Mary. 

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