Posted Saturday 8th September 2018

What ART is on YOUR heart?

What ART is on YOUR heart?

I truly believe that creative expression lies in all of us.

Whether it's via the medium of fashion, writing, visual art, music, singing, dance, story telling (or fabulous other) … what a power we have to share ourselves with the world.

I love learning about artists.

Their story.  Their inspiration.  Their purpose for creating what they do.

Because I believe that art opens the human soul.

Both in the creating and the viewing, art has the potential to tell story, to challenge, to inspire, to distract.

More of that I say!

What is your art medium?

How do you discover and share?

I'd love to know.  Will you write to me on Facebook? 

Start a conversation … here!


If you were curious about the picture, it's a style I've been fluttering around with of late.

The collection of works are titled … HEART ART.

I'm exploring dual elements of giving value to the discarded and the expression of creating your Heaven on Earth. 

Each original work is created over another original work.  That I've found somewhere or other, discarded and unloved.

My heart breaks to see these visual talents lying in the dust so I've taken to shining them up and adding some colour ...

My dots are a (highly colourful) expression of my optimistic world view.  I see a flower filled, empowered world. Of love, joy and abundance.

It's interesting to hear what other people see in the pictures.

Some see the hidden words, people & rainbows.  Some see something else completely!

Further enquiries  or commission requests to Mary Victoria Evans ; 0404 033 850.


POLLY EVANS is a creative fashion & lifestyle space inspired about big, beautiful lives.

My aesthetic is feminine, colourful, textural & print heavy … with a focus on sustainable creations.  

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, I style by appointment for personal wardrobe, home spaces and events.

I'd love to connect.  Call me on 0404033850 or email to book in.

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With love, Mary. 

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