Posted Friday 7th September 2018



One particular morning, I was gathering nuts with little Clarity lying by my basket looking up at the sky.

How things change from my days skipping around the city in platforms.

I was feeling just so blessed & got to pondering about lifestyle & luxury ...

Now, I want to frame this properly.  

I love luxury.  We all do don't we?

I love impeccable handbags.

An indulgent massage.

Fine champagne.

Really thick sheets.

Heavy sunglasses.

Personalised notepaper.

The list could go for pages!

But I've reached a point in my life where I know that these things, whilst luxurious, are not true luxury.

I've come to know luxury now as ...





The ability to influence.

As I'm building my new business & brand, I'm learning that I don't just want to sell luxurious product.

I want to build luxury lifestyles.

True luxury lifestyles.

In our world, so many are blessed to enjoy true luxury.  But do we truly value them?  As luxurious?

As I'm digging deeper into the rabbit hole of sustainable & ethical business I'm learning that so many souls in our world don't enjoy luxury.

I'm not talking handbags, fine wine or international travel.

I'm talking time, choices, health, relationships & voices.

I wonder that if more people in our world would look like when MORE ladies, if not, ALL ladies (alongside beautiful dresses and artistic accessories) … can say ...

We have time.  

We have choices.

We have health.

We have relationships.

We hold the ability and desire to influence positively.

I think then we could say we live in luxury.


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With love, Mary.

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