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"Wear clothes that matter." || Solitaire Townsend

Clothes that matter.

Style choices that matter.

Hmm.  A chunky daily 'think'!

Once upon a time I LOVED the thrill of the purchase.  

The 'ooooh' pretty.  The 'I'll have that'.  

My brother likens me to a bowerbird … fluttering over to anything with colour, flowers and shine.

The truth is.  I'm still like this but I've made a change.

I've started asking questions.

That hopefully help me make purchases that matter.

To the people that create my purchases.

To the people that make my purchases.

To the world that sustains my purchases.

To the generation that will live in this world after I'm gone.

I've started asking questions because it's really important that we start making choices that matter.

Gosh.  Who knew a dress could be so world changing!?

But whether it be a dress, a pair of shoes, a piece for your home or a gift … our purchase choices ARE changing the world.  For the positive.  Or the not.

An experience is created by what is included and what is absent.

A dress that 'matters' to me now includes ;

* original design ||  It's not good enough that designs are being flat out copied.  That people are ripping the creative heart out of a product, producing it with the cheapest product and labor possible and undercutting the very person who created it.

* that labour is being valued ||  It matters that the people that make our purchases have a choice whether to be involved in their work (as many are forced).  It matters if they have clean and safe working conditions (many don't).  It matters if they are being paid and paid proportionately for the work that they do (many aren't).

* that natural or sustainable materials are used to manufacture my purchase || Wow.  Our world is now not only dealing with the pillage effects of our commercialism to natural resources it is now dealing with the 'dump'.  Of unwanted product.  Of broken product.  Of biproduct waste.  Not pretty.

My hope in purchasing pieces that 'matter' that they will be free from ;

* unethical, unoriginal, copied design ~ I'm becoming more and more aware how costly development is! Truthfully, if you find a 'cheap' product it will likely be a knock off of someones hard work.

* slave labour ~ What a radical google.  So bad.

* unsustainable materials ~ That have polluted the world by coming in to existence and then further polluting by not lasting well and not breaking down.

It's incredible that when you start a journey.  You meet others on the same journey.

I'm so happy if you are reading this … perhaps you are also wanting to make purchases that matter.  And as I am, learning how to do this.

Let me know your heart! Write to me on Facebook beautiful lady … x


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