Posted Wednesday 13th July 2016

No.2 #plantingflowers

No.2 #plantingflowers

Sitting alongside my new Karen Walker 'Arrowed' Eyewear Collection you'll find a piece from the past.

A #plantingflowers window installation this month crafted by my late Grandmother.  Made entirely from her and my 2 Aunties sundresses this piece is a true inspiration to me.  Oh the beauty that can be created through use of 'pieces from the past'!

No. 2

1000+ hand crafted florettes.

Created from multiple up cycled sun dresses (circa 1960/70).

Planted in the window this month at ;

Studio 5 | 13 Wharf Street 
Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484



{ Flowers & Karen Walker Eyewear in the studio window }

#plantingflowers is a meaningful community street art project debuted by The Fluro Junkie.

Each flower represents life, love & hope for our world & its people.

Creating and sharing art made from existing materials is a way of bringing people together in the journey of slow & sustainable living.

If you've made and planted flowers I'd love to see them. 

Write to me at or ;

Fluro Junkie
5 | 13 Wharf Street


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