Posted Sunday 29th October 2017


GRACE ; by definition ...
  1. smoothness and elegance of movement.
  2. courteous good will.
  1. bring honour or credit to (someone or something) by one's attendance or participation.          
    2.  an act of extending forgiveness 
GRACE ; (by experience) ...  is all of this definition, and more.
Grace is my friend.
We met one day at a community playgroup and bonded over tea and a mutual love of our small children and Karen Walker sunglasses.
At our cameo meeting, alongside her outfit and fabulous conversation, I was instantly captivated by her story.
  • Pregnant at the incredibly early age of 17.  
  • She was (stunningly!) courageous enough to birth the baby ... her beautiful first born daughter, Ahlucha.
  • Her little son, Zephyr came along quite quickly afterwards ... two children by 19.
  • So sadly, she lost the children's Father by way of an employment accident, making her a widow before her 21st birthday.
  • Fast forward, to a new beautiful love and marriage to Marli.
  • Two more children! Cheeky little Maci Blue and sweet Vaaya Plum.
  • Grace is now a (very busy!!) Mother of 4 and growing into a whole new season of life.
The day I popped over to take some snaps of her and baby Plum in my new bespoke collection, could have been potentially awkward ...
You see, a day or so earlier I had posted a video on my personal Facebook relating to our countries upcoming, same sex marriage survey.
It wasn't by intention, but discussion got a tiny bit heated between a couple of my (both lovely) girl friends and Grace played mediator.
You know how it is ... when unspoken words are just hanging in the air?
Grace and I have had many conversations about controversial topics of religion, politics and sexuality ...
Interestingly, we generally have very different opinions!
She sits quite heavily to the left, with me, on the right.
But gosh, in testimony to her character and graciousness ...
We talked about the whole thing straight up.
Agreed that we were different.
Agreed that people were different.
And that we can still all love each other and be amazing.
So ... we had a fun little day.
Grace, baby Plum and their funny black cat that just wanted IN on the photo action.
And many play dates and cups of tea later, I continue to have so much respect for this incredible women.
For her love of her children and her Mothering role.
For who she is for her love, Marli.
For her love of fashion and style.
For her creativity - she makes the cutest little Frida Kahlo earrings! Check her insta ... here.
For her heart for friends and community.
That she knows herself so deeply.
For her ability to always give grace and accept that people are different.  
Because after all ...
"Style is knowing who you are and what you stand for". 
I'm so grateful to Grace for letting me take pictures of her and little Plum in my new bespoke creations.
My heart with my new collection if to create easy fit pieces, in natural fabrications ... that can be customised for the wearer.
That beautiful ladies can choose their design.
Choose their fabrication.
Choose their trims.
Have 'one of' garments created especially for them.
Interested!?  Get in contact!

Grace wears Picnic Set in Red.

The Fluro Junkie is a creative fashion & lifestyle space  inspired about big, beautiful lives.

Our aesthetic is feminine, colourful, textural & print heavy … with a focus on sustainable creations.  

We style by appointment for personal wardrobe, home spaces and events.

Connect with us!  Call on 0404.033.850 or email to book in.

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"Style is knowing who you are and what you stand for". 


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